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2018 USAC Cyclocross Nationals 2.0

After two week of racing at home in Texas and Oklahoma, it was time for the Big Show. Returning to sacred ground of American Cyclocross Lore, the 2018 USAC Cyclocross National Championships v2.0 was set to take place the following week. With inclement weather on the horizon, it remained to be seen what the course would be like and who would be rising to the top step.

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2018 USAC Cyclocross National Championships
Nationals is always a crap shoot. We train from May/June all for the big goal on January. Along the way you dodge sickness, build form, avoid mechanicals & a host of other problems that arise... Coming into this weekend I was in good shape. My legs felt good. I was confident in my bike driving. And I felt like the practice I put in all year readied me for the race this weekend. Nationals is JUST another race but it's also THE race people look at the most.
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