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2018 Resolution Cross Cup

The Resolution Cross Cup is an event that is near and dear to my heart. It’s also near to my home and it’s an event I have been looking forward to since the Spring. The Texas Cross Syndicate has a knack for building incredible courses and this year would be no different. And even though I trained in Winters Park all Summer, it remained to be seen whether my local knowledge could translate to international results.

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2017 Resolution Cross Cup
There's nothing better than competing in front of your home crowd. It's even better when it is the final UCI cyclocross race of the season! The Resolution Cross Cup has steadily cemented itself as a staple of the late season calendar. Offering a warm climate, miles of country roads, and lots of southern hospitality... I think most people are starting to realize, the course and the event as a whole isn't one to miss!
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2016 Resolution CX Cup
In 2015, the week between Ruts N’ Guts and the Resolution CX Cup was a wet one. In fact, in the two previous editions in which I had competed, I’ve never raced in dry conditions. There was always rain and mud and cold and slop. Cyclocross conditions for sure. The 2016 edition presented a stark contrast to the weather fortunes of previous years... but that didn’t mean the racing was any easier.
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