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Belgian Diaries 2.0 | Het Laatste Ronde

Back from Denmark, my focus turned from playing tourist and back to bike racer. On our trip to the Nordic land we decided to leave our bikes at home for ease of travel. And while our trip was not totally devoid of exercise, we did a few hour-long runs after all, getting back on the bike on Tuesday felt somewhat foreign. Fortunately for me, my last races of the season were familiar to me and I was keen to test 2019 Tyler on the same track one year down the line.

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Belgian Diaries | Week 4
More than results, I've reminded myself that this dive into the deep-end of European racing is about trying to find new boundaries and push the bar higher, making this my new "normal"... and while I was disappointed to miss out on an opportunity to finish on the lead lap, I was happy to add a few more notes to my "Journal To Suck Less" later that night.
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