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Belgian Diaries 2.0 | Friends, Fitness, & Frietjes

Arriving home from Luxembourg, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. The Kersteperiode, while memorable and amazing, had taken its toll on me physically and mentally. The constant cycle of race and recover left me in need of some down time to mentally recharge. I didn’t set an alarm and gave myself some time to sleep on Wednesday and just get back into the flow of a “normal” week and the New Year.

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Belgian Diaries | Week 4
More than results, I've reminded myself that this dive into the deep-end of European racing is about trying to find new boundaries and push the bar higher, making this my new "normal"... and while I was disappointed to miss out on an opportunity to finish on the lead lap, I was happy to add a few more notes to my "Journal To Suck Less" later that night.
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