New Beginnings

“We are presented with many acceptable paths in life. Focusing on picking the right, perfect one may cause us to avoid moving forward with any of them”

Back in the summer of 2016, I was kicking around the idea of starting my own cyclocross program. In chatting with a good friend of mine, we eventually came to the conclusion that we would be best to join forces and start a team that we we both believed in. During my tenure with the team/program, I grew a lot as a racer, as an athlete, and as an individual chasing my dreams of racing at the highest level. It opened new doors and provided me with a support structure that rivaled some of the best teams in the U.S. We had some of the best talent from the continent, and I truly believe that the team's results over the 2017/18 season paved the way for even better success down the road.

As the cyclocross season wound down, I was able to take stock of my experiences during my time off. I thought about how far that I have come in my short, five seasons in this sport, and in that time of reflection I began to dream of more. I began to dream of giving back to the sport that has offered me so much. Of opportunities to share the knowledge that I've accumulated through three seasons of racing at the UCI level. Of bigger and better goals.

And from that dream, a new project was born...

Introducing: TCCX

This year, with the help of some close friends and sponsors, I am launching TCCX

Over the past year, I've thought a lot about my place in my community and the sport as a whole. More importantly, how can I shift my personal narrative from one that is about what I can take, to a story of what I can give back.

TCCX’s mission is to contribute to the cycling community that has embraced and supported my journey. By offering local clinics, partnering with other community-focused groups, and supporting local events, I hope to support the local community that has given me so much over the years. Moreover, the lessons I’ve learned in my journey – of leading a healthy lifestyle, chasing your dreams, creating community, and believing in yourself – extend to all facets of life. I intend to share those lessons with generations both young and old, supporting them in their journey to realize their dreams.

The goal of my team is simple...

To demonstrate that you can achieve your goals by pursuing what makes you happy and investing in one’s self.

TCCX may seem straight forward to interpretation: Tyler Cloutier Cyclocross. And at one level it is... but on another level you can interpret it as "Tyler's Community Cyclocross" or better yet "Texas Community Cyclocross". It is that community, that cyclocross family, that has opened doors, pushed me to seek new challenges, and supported me in my ventures. I'm lucky to have them in my corner and I hope they feel the same love in return!

The Bells & Whistles

With partners both new and old, I'm really looking forward to the fall season! One of the things I'm most excited about, is partnering with KindHuman Bicycles once again! My KÜDÜ Disc bike has been one of my favorites since I first started riding it back in 2016. Getting back to my Canadian roots (not to be confused with Roots, the popular Canadian clothing company or "Roots" the 1977 TV Mini Series with Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton), I'm super stoked to be representing this awesome brand and the amazing people behind it. With custom pain options, these bikes are sure to look good covered in mud! 

Where In the World is Tyler On Two Wheels?

The season is fast-approaching and so too will the travel around the country and around the world to race my cyclocross bike! This season will be a solid mix of regional, national, and international racing. With a more condensed schedule, my go-to shipping saviors will no doubt come save the day once again! Bouncing back from coast-to-coast can be a logistical nightmare, but those folks make it super easy to pack, ship, and ride, leaving me to worry about finding the nearest coffee shop! 

Beginning in Toronto and ending back home with the Resolution CX Cup and Rut N' Guts races, this season should be another one for the books!

2018-19 Heat Map - US.JPG

Want to Get Involved?

As an aspiring, self-supported cross racer, I rely on my friends to help me get through the season. If you'd like to get involved with this project, or have ideas you'd like to share read more below or shoot me an email!

  1. Money Talks: Okay, let's be real... funding a domestic racing calendar is not easy. I'm fortunate to have a job that affords me the opportunity to race all over the country, but it isn't easy to financially cover the costs of racing and competing at the highest level. From travel, to lodging, to mechanics' wages, and entry fees, the dollars (& euros) can add up quick. Whether you can personally contribute, or (& more importantly) if you know a business that would like to be a part of this community-minded program, I'd love to have you be a part of the team!

  2. It's All About Who You Know: There are more ways to help than just providing financial support! Traveling around the country makes having connections super helpful. Whether you know of a place to stay, a good restaurant to eat at, or someone willing to help in the pits (I can pay in beer, cookies, fizzy water for sure!) any and every connection is appreciated!
  3. Be Social: Each season I try to provide good race recaps and honest insight into my life as a bike racer. While it may seem like I spend my time riding bikes all around the country, I still maintain a 9-5 job along with a balanced life off the bike. If you feel compelled to read, share, or comment on any of that PLEASE DO! I love interacting with people, and if there are questions I can answer or inspiration I can provide, I am more than happy to do so! Additionally, don't hesitate to come and say "Hi!" at the races. The cyclocross community is one of the best things about this sport. Let's keep growing it together!

Thank you to everyone that has helped this project come together! While the cyclocross season is still a few months away and many of the final details are being ironed out, I'm really excited for what lies ahead and I hope that you'll continue to follow along on this adventure with me!

Yours in Mud & Cowbells,