The Halfway Point

It's July. The official second half of the year. Looking back now, it's cliché and hard to believe how quickly the first six months of 2015 have passed.


From a cycling perspective, the year has been consistent so far. I began the year, in earnest, at the Walburg Classic and have since accrued nine top 10 finishes, multiple top 20 placings, and a great deal of experience with the team. Way back in January, my hopes were high for this season. With a new team, the potential was high and the opportunity to ride with a team was quite exciting. Moreover, going into my fourth season on the road, I was hopeful that I would continue to see steady improvement and better results than the years before.

Rain is a thing that doesn't kill you but it does get you really wet

While the gains have been marginal on the numbers side of things, the results have been consistent. That is to say, consistently the bridesmaid. This was succinctly put this past weekend when a college friend and I were catching up. "I see you're getting a lot of 2nd places." Sure, I'll take some pride in the aforementioned placings, especially those that were part of some stacked races. But in the same breath, I'm not satisfied with that. The 2nds, 3rds and other top 5s are nothing more than a lack of luck, a lack of legs, a lack of luster. That sounds super ungrateful but it's not the case. As a person I am competitive. I want to win in cycling, in beach volleyball, in the race to get to the check out counter first. And while the 2015 season will not be deemed a failure by any standard, if it ends without a win it will be missing the cherry on top.

There is certainly more to life than cycling and this past weekend was a clear illustration of that. I started the second half of the year celebrating the marriage of two close friends. Hanging with friends both new and old was a reminder for me that the relationships that matter the most are the ones that don't involve sport. I've been fortunate to travel around this year to meet up with friends across the country and as the second half of 2015 begins to unfurl, I'm looking forward to spending more time with those that matter most, my friends and family. =)

Rubberside down,