On the Road Again...

It wasn't long before the lazy days on my month-long off-season came to an end.  Without realizing it I had spent three and a half weeks doing almost nothing.  I laid on the couch, I slept in on the weekends, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and have the scale to prove it.  It was glorious and a part of me wished it would never end.  But like all good things, they must be put on hold so that better things can take their place.


It's been two months now that I've gotten back into the swing of training for the upcoming road season.  I say 'upcoming' because it doesn't quite feel as though it's started yet.  Despite having three races under my belt already in 2015, I still have a sense that the true road season is yet to kick-off.  There's been a distinct lack of hurried packing, driving, racing, more driving, unpacking and repacking.  But I won't complain about that!


And though the lack of rushing and struggling to remember which hotel I'm heading to this weekend is nice, the road back to skinny tires has been anything but pleasant.  Winter decided to make a late arrival in the Dallas area, bringing along a couple weeks of ice, sleet and snow.  I realize those reading from the Northeast and East coast will roll their eyes at me, but when you've been wearing just a couple layers from October through January, breaking out all manners of coverings is a shock to the system.  It also, for me at least, creates a lack of motivation to go outside and ride after work.  Clearly, all my time in Florida has had an effect on me.


Now that spring has sprung here is Texas, the idea of racing road is becoming more real to me.  April is fast approaching and with it comes a month of racing and traveling here and there.  It also, brings with it the Joe Martin Stage Race, one of my favorite races on the calendar.


So here is to new beginnings, new seasons and new adventures.  With the trees blossoming and the sun shining (or trying to) here in Texas, it's time I get my butt in gear and get out on the road again.

Rubberside down,