Radio Silence

It’s the night before Ruts n’ Guts, the next UCI race on the docket. The next chance to score a UCI point. For two weeks I’ve been waiting in anticipation of this weekend. Now that it’s here, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

The past couple weeks have been quiet.

Radio silence, if you will.

With the Thanksgiving holiday there was no racing, and the weather in Dallas was shit. True “Hardman’s Weather” with temps in the 40’s and rain for five days straight. There was a time that I would have chided myself to HTFU and ride outside. Those days are few and far between now…

The quiet is nice, I must say.

No hustle and bustle of the season to deal with for a week.

Just boring rides and counting the days to the next race.

And now that the race is upon us, I can only say that I’m uncertain. I’ve done the workouts, had some good rides this week but it’s still a toss up. The ring of cowbells, and hecklers is becoming a little louder again. Fingers cx’ed for a good result.

Hup, Hup!